Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Scheduling tasks with Spring (updated)

Spring provides an easy way to schedule tasks.

Let's say that we would like to have an information about current time printed on a console periodically.

The class that prints the time may look like this:

We need to define a class that will encapsulate the printing task:

The @Scheduled annotation is the key here: the method reportCurrentTime is annotated by it, therefore it will be invoked every 5 seconds.
You can also specify cron expression. You can use fixedRateString parameter if you want to read it from properties file.
Please note setting of the thread name - it will be needed for the test.
Adding production code only for tests is generally not a good practice, but in this case it can also be used for monitoring purposes.

The spring configuration looks as following:

To run it we need to create an invoker class:

Unfortunately there is no trivial way to test it automatically. We can do it the following way.
Let's create a test class:

When we run the test, the spring context will start and the task will be invoked by scheduler.
We check if the thread with our name exists.
We do it for some time to avoid race condition - it may happen that verification method will be invoked before thread starts.
The whole project alongside with dependencies can be found on github.

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