Saturday, 21 September 2013

Transaction management with Spring Data JPA

Spring provides an easy way to manage transactions.
Let's see how to make our methods transactional without using any XML configuration.

We will start with Spring Java config for our application:

We have an entity representing a bank account:

We also have a repository from Spring Data JPA for Account objects:

The TransferService allows transferring money from one account to another:

Just for example sake, we are adding money to one account and before subtracting from the second one, we check if it has enough funds.
If the method wasn't transactional, we would introduce a major bug.
However, @Transactional annotation makes it eligible for rollback if the exception is thrown.
It's also important to note that many methods from the repository are transactional with default propagation, so the transaction from our service will be reused.
Let's make sure that it works by writing an integration test:

If we remove @Transactional annotation the test will fail.
Be aware that managing transactions with Spring have some traps that are described in this article.
The whole project can be found at github.

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